The Computer Between My Ears and other random science writing

A mathematical theory of imperfect communication
Or something like that. A look at how energy considerations might suggest a somewhat different way of looking at the flow of information in complex systems, and how that might apply to natural systems. And approximate computing. (2018)
The Sound of the Baskervilles
Making a little code to send novels in English, what it means for the amount of information in the novel, and for communication in general (2006).
Getting it right by getting it wrong
A look at how our understanding of senses can be improved by considering a re-reading of information theory. It's some of the same ideas from What Is Context For?, but applied to sense data instead of communication. (2005)
What is Context For?
A discussion of why "syntax" isn't what people say it is, and why this causes problems for linguists. Published in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of Logic, Language and Information. TOC
If A Computer Falls In The Forest
Some complaints about mechanical language, some of the same material as What is Context For?, but without the peer review. (2001)
Figure and Ground
Why you shouldn't believe genetic milleniarists. (A pdf version.) (A short version.) Some random notes from a talk on the subject (given at the University of Rhode Island) are here. (2001)
How DNA makes stuff
A simple explanation of some details of DNA transcription (2004).